Domain Setup

Connecting your subdomain

Setting up your domain in Cloudflare is unnecessary if you connect your subdomain to blogstatic. However, Cloudflare does offer a few perks in terms of optimization and security.

If you decide to do so, follow our guide on Setting up your domain in Cloudflare.

Setting up your subdomain in blogstatic

In blogstatic, in "Settings > Domain", enter your custom subdomain.

Custom domain field in blogstatic
Custom domain field in blogstatic

Adding DNS values

Important note: The example below is for domains running via Cloudflare. However, the setup is similar in most domain registrars.

On your Cloudflare dashboard, click on the "DNS" tab.

Cloudflare dashboard menu
Cloudflare dashboard menu

Click "+ Add Record" on the DNS view to insert a new CNAME record.

Enter the following values:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name: the subdomain of your choice (blog, anything...)
  • Target:
  • Proxy status: On

Click "Save".

Your DNS management should look like the image below.

DNS management in Cloudflare
DNS Management in Cloudflare

SSL/TLS (Only for domains in Cloudflare)

As a final step, visit the "SSL/TLS" tab on your Cloudflare dashboard.

Select "Full" for your encryption mode.

SSL/TLS encryption mode selection
SSL/TLS encryption mode

Final checklist

  • Set up your custom subdomain in blogstatic
  • Enter DNS values in your registrar (or Cloudflare)
  • For Cloudflare domains: Select "Full" for encryption mode in the SSL/TLS page