Author Options

Only blog Owners and Administrators can modify other authors. Editors can see everyone on the team, but they can only edit themselves. Writers and Collaborators can only edit themselves and can't see other team members.

Learn more about roles.

Inviting an author

To invite an author, click on the [Invite Author] button on the top-right corner of the page.

In the pop-up that appears, enter the Author's name and select their role.

Once you send the invite, the newly invited author will receive an Email through which they have to confirm the invite.

Once they confirm the invite, they'll have immediate access to your blog with the level of permission you have assigned to them upon the invite.

Author profile data

The same user can belong to various blogs in different roles.

In each blog they have access to, the author can have a new avatar and name unique to that blog while still being able to log in with the same email address and credentials.

You can even run a blog under a pseudonym.

Author role

An author can hold one of 4 roles: Admin, Editor, Writer, Contributor.

To learn more, visit the Roles topic.

Author visibility

An author can be set to "hidden," which will remove them from appearing on the blog and the authors list when assigning authors to a post.

Author {url-title}

Each author in a blog has their "author page" in which all their posts are showcased.

There are two ways to remove an author page from a blog: leaving the {url-title} field empty or toggling the "Author visibility" to "Off."

About the author

Author details that show on the author page. Basic formatting like Bold, Italic, Lists, Links and even HTML formatting are available.

Revoking access

You can temporarily revoke access to any of your authors. A revoked author will not have access to any of your blogs until you allow them in again.

Transferring posts

You can transfer posts from one author to another by selecting "Transfer author posts." With this option, all posts belonging to someone will be transferred immediately and permanently to someone else on the team.

Removing an author

Only blog Owners and Administrators can remove an author. An author can never remove themselves. If they want to leave a blog, they must ask an Owner or an Admin for removal. 

Likewise, an Admin must ask the blog Owner to remove them.

Before removing an author, you can choose to transfer their posts to someone else in the team. Otherwise, they will be removed from any posts they are assigned to.