Call–To–Action or CTA are elements that you can create once and include throughout your content by only using their unique {shortcode}


There are many settings to choose from that will help you make the CTA unique to your needs.

CTA Name

This is for identification purposes only and it doesn't appear anywhere.

CTA Shortcode

This is the unique identifier that you can use throughout by adding curly braces to it.

Example: If the shortcode name is "blogstatic", in your content you can include it as {blogstatic}.

Vertical Padding

By using the slider you can add more space on both vertical ends, top and bottom.

Horizontal Padding

By using the slider you can add more space on both horizontal ends, left and right.

Text Alignment

Use any of the three options: Center, Left, and Right.

Tip: When using an uploaded background image, on the Left and Right choice, the text block (together with the background color) will move to the respective side, while the background image will remain on the opposite side.


By leaving empty any of the elements below, they will be removed from the CTA.

Top Text

The tagline that goes above the main title.


The main title.


The actual description.

Button Text

The text on the linked button

Button URL

The URL you want to take your readers to.

New Tab

Choosing if you want the link to be opened on the new tab or not.


You can add any code in this field.


Use any of the color pickers to change the individual color of any element in your CTA

Background Image

Upload any image and have it show behind the text in your CTA.

Background Image Alignment

By default, the background image is set to cover the entire CTA and be centered.

If you want to change how the background image fits on the CTA, pick any of the three options.

Tip: If the CTA height is longer than the background image (which means that the background image will be snug from side to side) — selecting Left or Right on the alignment will not visibly affect the positioning of the background image.


If set to Inactive, the CTAs will not render anywhere they appear in.

General Tips

Editing the {shortcode} value of a CTA will edit it automatically throughout.

Deleting a CTA will delete it anywhere that it appears in.

CTAs can be included in Posts, Pages, and "End of post/page content" found in "Settings > Publishing" in blogstatic.