Custom "404 Page"

In blogstatic, you can create a custom "Page not found" page that can hold any content.

We are giving our customers this possibility, so they can get creative with entering any content they like instead of showing a standard 404 page.

How does it work

Currently, when a visitor ends up on a page that doesn't exist in your blog, blogstatic will show the default "Page not page" page.

To create a custom "404 page" that will show instead of the default one, simply create a "Page" with a URL title "not-found."

Just like when creating a regular page, you can enter any content you like.

Tips and tricks

A few things that will make the "404 page" look the part:

Page, not Post

Create a "Page" and not a "Post" because posts show dates by default (unless you have them disabled in Settings).

URL title

Make sure the URL title is set to "not-found."

Page settings

Set the page's "Share buttons" to "Hide" so share buttons don't appear at the end of the page.

Set the page's "Privacy" to "Unlisted" so it doesn't appear anywhere else on your blog.

Set the page's date to way back in the past, so it sits at the end of the list of all your other pages in your blogstatic Dashboard.

For advanced users

There's also a way to create an entirely custom 404 page without creating a "Page."

  • On "Settings > Advanced" scroll to the bottom for the page
  • Click on the "Custom 404 Page"
  • On there, you can add any HTML/CSS, and it will be the only content showing on your 404 page. Without any elements of your chosen theme.