We heard you!

Newsletter Credits were expensive, indeed.

We tried making them more accessible in a pay–as–you go way, in which you can purchase Credits and use them anytime you want, but with that came the expensive part of it.

This is how Credits were priced ?


The BIG change!

Now, we've changed things around and made it more accessible and affordable than the competition.

And this is how it all looks now ?

PlanSubscribers Emails Sent per Month
(10x Subscribers)
Starter500 5,000$5/month
Growth1,000 10,000$10/month
Advanced2,000 20,000$15/month
Professional3,000 30,000$20/month
Elite5,000 50,000$25/month

How does it compare?

Oh boy. This is the easy one ?

ConvertKit and Mailchimp are now way more expensive than blogstatic.

Also, in blogstatic you get a polished SEO–ready Blog. Not just a Newsletter archive that no one ever looks at.

A Blog ready to be ranked in search engines with a Newsletter as its companion.

All built in ?

Ready to help you grow your audience and your personal brand.

This is a comparison table at the time of this writing.


Subscribers Emails SentPrice
500 Unlimited$11/month — Lowest features
1,000 Unlimited$19/month — Lowest features
3,000 Unlimited$30/month
5,000 Unlimited$81/month

Mailchimp (Essential)

Subscribers Emails Sent Price
500 5,000 $13/month
1,500 15,000 $26.50/month
2,500 25,000 $45/month
5,000 50,000 $75/month

ConvertKit (Creator)

Subscribers Emails SentPrice
300 Unlimited$15/month
1,000 Unlimited$29/month
3,000 Unlimited$49/month
5,000 Unlimited$79/month

What is next?

First and foremost we're super pleased to make the Newsletter sending in blogstatic more accessible and affordable. This has been a long time coming.

Next, we plan to add monetization aspects to the Newsletter and Blog, akin to Substack — where we'll also think of ways to make it more accessible for all.

This way you can start profiting from your writings.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more.

As you start sending more Newsletters, let us know how it all works for you.

We're all ears and ready to help you navigate this new aspect of blogstatic.

An important note

All current customers who have active credits, we're refunding any unused remainders.

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