blogstatic is a publishing platform for writers and bloggers. It serves real static files (HTML) straight from the server (nginx) without any layer of framework or server-side language.

Simplified: Speed-wise, your pages are loaded instantly, "as if" sitting on your computer.

Specifically speaking: Once the user reaches your post (or this exact post you are reading) they are presented a real static HTML file. Instantly, without delay.

No call whatsoever is made to the database. The server resolves your domain based on the URL up on the address bar and serves your specific files/posts to your readers.

"Calls" to the database aren't necessarily bad. Most websites work like that. Though, it adds a layer of delay that can be avoided entirely.

SEO Benefits

Google rewards pages that are loaded fast. Coupled together with good writing, backlinks, and visits, your website can shoot up the rankings fairly fast.

Some SEO experts believe that your page can get penalized when loaded via slow internet, even though your traditional page may check all the boxes of optimization.

With blogstatic, your pages currently weigh somewhere around ~10Kb (and ~100Kb for the custom font), for which the internet needs to be virtually non-existent to show any delay.

This weight may change as we introduce new templates, but the premise will remain the same.

Why this? Why now?

Nowadays, websites are loaded with client-side and server-side scripts. They are bloated, slow loading, filled with unnecessary graphics. Some include images because they believe Google will reward them better.

What Google rewards is websites with readers. And readers read good writing (content and form) that is served fast, without any delays.

Start fast

Also, with so many tools out there, it has become more confusing for a good content marketer to start their blog in minutes.

With blogstatic, there's nothing to install. No Wordpress configurations. No hiring Ghost devs. No medium lock-in.

You can simply register now on blogstatic, point your domain to our servers, and you're ready to go.

Most importantly, in blogstatic, content and domain are yours. If you leave blogstatic, SEO juice goes with you.

What we're doing is making it easy for you to write and have a super fast blog in minutes.

A calm writing experience

The clean interface allows you to write distraction free and focus on that which you do best: writing.

What's next

blogstatic launched on April, 2021 by @valsopi who is the Chief Product Artisan at Handmade Spaceships, Inc. a product making company.

This very blog is running on

So go ahead and start writing, today.

The tool is here for you. There are no excuses to postpone showing the world what you have to say.

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