This is one of the most significant features to be included in blogstatic.

From now on, all blogstatic customers on the Expert Plan can access built-in Plausible Analytics straight from their blogstatic dashboard.

You no longer have to include Google Analytics and visit another tab just to access your blog's latest data. It's all included in blogstatic. is an intuitive and lightweight web analytics platform. They are privacy-focused, don't track your readers, and respect their data.

What does it cost?

For blogstatic users on the Expert Plan, Plausible is included for Free!

If you were to purchase it separately, Plausible pricing starts at $9/month and goes up depending on your blog's number of visits.

What if I already have Google Analytics installed?

That is completely fine. Plausible and GA can co-exist without interfering with one another.

Why is Plausible better than Google Analytics?

Many websites block Google Analytics because of its aggressive tracking abilities. Because of this, with Plausible, you'll see 6% to 23% higher traffic, representing your blog's actual data.

Here's a detailed analysis of this here and here.

Why Plausible Analytics?

In blogstatic, we choose our vendors carefully and base our decision on their team's ethics and dedication to their users.

Our goal is to offer our customers the very best there is.

Some of these Vendors are:

  • Postmark — for email superiority.
  • Hetzner — for hosting prowess.
  • And now, Plausible Analytics — for analytics excellence.

Upgrading to the Expert Plan in blogstatic

Plausible Analytics is included in the Expert Plan and above.

Upgrading in blogstatic is prorated. Meaning that if you're on the $19/year plan and want to upgrade to the $49/plan, you will only pay the remaining difference until the end of your current billing cycle.

Feel free to let us know about any questions in and around blogstatic.

We're happy to help!

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