As you already know, in addition to running a blog in blogstatic, you can also email newsletters to your subscribers directly from blogstatic. Removing the need to use Mailchimp or an equivalent.

The Newsletter is fully packed with statistics and other features that make it a go-to tool for many.

Since introducing the Newsletter signup form, our customers have repeatedly asked for ways to embed it on their other sites.

In other words, if a blogstatic customer has another website in addition to their blog in blogstatic, they can use embed their blogstatic Newsletter sign-up form into their other site, too.

Specifically speaking:

  • A customer has their blog in blogstatic, where via the native newsletter sign-up form, they get new subscribers.
  • The same customer has another website and wants to use the blogstatic "Newsletter sign-up form" to collect new subscribers on there, as well.
  • This way, when they send their newsletters, they can do it from blogstatic — regardless of where the subscribers signed up from since they used the same form.

Where to get the code

The Settings area in blogstatic is where all the powerful options can be found.

To get the "Newsletter sign-up form" code that you can paste into any other website, go to Settings and click Newsletter. Scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page will get you to the code.

Features and improvements like this are constantly being added to blogstatic. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to get things done with their blog and newsletter.

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