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"I switched from WordPress and I do not plan to return!" —David D

No–code, fully–customizable, SEO–ready (including Newsletters & Plausible Analytics), fast–loading, fully–featured, intuitively–minimalistic with a complex offering, and so much more.

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The most versatile easy-to-use blogging tool there is.

✊ Zero complexity!

“Running a blog over the last 10 years has got more and more complex, with plugins and updates, themes, management and security. blogstatic removes all of the admin to running a blog and just lets you write your posts and publish your posts quickly under your own domain.”

Helen Ryles image Helen Ryles

🤘 Unmatched!

“I've been loving blogstatic! It's everything you can ask for in a simple & clean content-focused site. The ease and price are unmatched compared to anything I've tried (and trust me, I've tried a lot). So thank you for creating something so great!”

Kyle Anacker image Kyle Anacker
SEO by Kyle

✌️ Fast and easy!

“If you want a blog editor that doesn't give you headaches, is fast and easy to use, go ahead and try blogstatic today. Plus, it's one of the easiest, powerful, and most straightforward platforms you could use for blogging that I know. There is a lot of care and thought put into this tool.”

Tiago Silva Tiago Silva

👍 Focused on writing!

“Using blogstatic has been great! blogstatic makes it easy to just focus on writing. All I have to do is log in, write, and publish. I don't have to worry about hosting issues, upgrading software, or any of that. Just writing! It removes a lot of the roadblocks. It's the reason I decided to give it a try, and I'm glad I did.”

Mario Rodriguez Mario Rodriguez

✌️ Like Carrd, but for blogs!

“In the past, I've started blogs on Tumblr, Medium, and WordPress, but I really wanted a solution that was simple to use. I'm really liking blogstatic. It's like Carrd, but for blogs. I've already switched two blogs over there, and I'll be switching more in the future.”

Justin Jackson image Justin Jackson

👍 Simpler than WordPress or Ghost!

“Absolutely amazing product and founder. Much simpler than WordPress and Ghost. Been using if both personally and work and doesn't feel like going back to other blogging platform. Love the ease of use and simplicity.”

Ankit Ghosh Ankit Ghosh

✊ Better than Medium and WordPress!

“I've been a satisfied customer for over a year. I used to blog on Medium, but all the SEO juice goes to Medium. I used WordPress for blogging, and the blogstatic experience is 100x better, not to mention the excellent customer support.”

Ronen Sabag Ronen Sabag

An editing area that has it all

In blogstatic, the editor is equipped with an extensive range of features to enhance your content creation experience. It includes everything from versatile text blocks, engaging galleries, and distinctive headers, to individual image insertions and much more. Furthermore, the Post Settings section offers additional customization options to optimize your post's performance and audience engagement.

Free subdomains

Use a free domain under (sub) and start blogging in minutes.

Your custom domain

You can connect any custom domain that you own and propagate in minutes.

Serve on /subdirectory

Serve your blogstatic blog on the subdirectory of your main domain.

No coding required

Everything is ready out of the box. You don't have to write a single line of code.

SEO ready

We've taken care of on-site SEO so you can focus on your writing and ranking higher.

Hosting included

No need to pay extra. We run on fast and dedicated servers that are powered by 100% green energy.

Free SSL certificate

Your blog comes with its very own SSL certificate that is ready within minutes.


Section your posts in various categories and give your readers a way to further filter your posts.


Change key elements throughout your blog so it matches the language you're writing in.

Various themes

Select a theme from our ever growing collection and switch to a new layout quickly.

Image galleries

Insert multiple galleries in a single post and have a popup lightbox give them a presence.


Set your own pagination rules and have them repeat on homepage and all category pages.


Invite others to your blog and let them write under their name and profile picture.

Scheduled posts

Write your post today and set it to publish and appear on your blog some time in the future.

Related posts

Include similar posts at the end of each article and suggest to your readers what to read next.

Pinned posts

Set specific posts to appear at the top of your blog on the homepage and their respective category pages.

Unlisted posts

Publish your posts and set them as "Unlisted" so only those with the link can have access to them.


Your readers can subscribe to your blog so you can email them your published posts.


Send out newsletters to your subscribers with your latest posts and a custom message.

Simple stats

View which posts are the most read and learn what your readers like to read the most.

Private posts

Give your blog subscribers access to specific posts only, which are published only for them.

Social icons

Include any social network icons and external links where people can find more about you.

Share links

Each post includes social media links so your reader can share them with their friends.

Advanced settings to help you customize your blog

In blogstatic, you've got loads of customization options. You can change everything from your domain name to how you publish posts. Creating custom menus makes your site easier to navigate, and tweaking newsletter settings helps you connect better with your audience. All this means your blogstatic site really feels like it's yours, in a straightforward and user-friendly way.

A roboust editor

The editing area is built from the ground up to offer you all the tools you need.

Constant backups

Your blog is constantly backed up in our servers for keeping your published content safe and secure.

Your content

Your blog and your posts are yours. blogstatic is just a tool that helps you run a hosted blog.

Import to blogstatic

Import with ease your existing posts from your previous blog in another platform to blogstatic.


Your sitemap is automatically updated every time you publish a new post via blogstatic.

Your analytics

Include any third-party scripts that you need to be included at the end of every page of your blog.

RSS feed

Your blog comes with a ready-to-use RSS feed which others can use with their RSS readers.


Edit and change your robots.txt file to "Allow" or "Disallow" crawl-bots on any sections of your blog.

Your fonts

Link up your own font libraries without having to use your current theme's chosen fonts.

Code injections

Inject any code in the header or the footer that repeats on every page and further enhances your blog.

Non-auth JSON API

Your blog generates JSON files which your can easily call from any external build.

Customizable CSS

Change colors and your current theme by implementing changes to your existing styles.

Fully supported

We're here to help you succeed. Reach out by saying

Simple, elegant, and powerful.

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blogstatic - Your new favorite blogging tool. | Product Hunt
blogstatic - Your new favorite blogging tool. | Product Hunt