This was one of those features that was so easy to accomplish, yet it was always pushed to the end of the list so other more "important" and "harder" features could be deployed.

A ton of you have repeatedly voiced this request, and I thank you for that — because without this pressure, I would have kept releasing "other" features and left this "quick" feature aside.

Technically speaking, a "Table of Contents" can be set per post basis. Meaning: You can decide which post should have the table of contents appearing at the very top of the content.

To add a TOC in any of your posts, click on the "Post Settings" icon (top-right corner on the edit view of any post) and scroll down to toggle the "Table of Contents" drop-down.

The way it works is this: when you publish a post, blogstatic scans it, and for each "h2" and "h3" header that it finds, it creates a nesting list of links that, when clicked, take the reader to that exact header in the post.

Since the "Table of Contents" is created dynamically on publish, it's only visible in the published article and not in the editing section.

When considering the inclusion of a table of contents in your article, it's essential to understand its manifold advantages, such as:

  • Improved user experience through easy navigation.
  • Reduced bounce rate by catering to readers' specific interests.
  • Enhanced SEO through increased dwell time and clear content hierarchy.
  • Internal linking that clarifies content structure for search engines.
  • Mobile-friendly navigation for effortless content access on handheld devices.
  • Enhanced accessibility for users relying on assistive technologies.
  • A heightened sense of professionalism and credibility for the content.

This feature is available on the Expert Plan and above.

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