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Your content

Your blog is yours. blogstatic is just a tool that makes it possible for you to run a professional blog.

Your domain

Your blog will always run under your domain. If you ever leave blogstatic, your SEO juice goes with you.

SEO ready

We've taken care of on-site SEO so you can focus on your writing and ranking higher on search engines.

Nothing to install

There's nothing to install. Once you register, you can connect your domain and publish your first post in minutes.

No programing

Everything is ready out of the box. You don't have to hire a programmer or code anything on your own.

JSON files

Your blog generates static JSON files which your programmer can easily call from any external build.

SSL certificate

Your blog comes with its very own SSL certificate that shows users and search engines your security.

Import to blogstatic

We can help you import your current blog to blogstatic. Let us know you need this by saying

Leave anytime

Say goodbye anytime and easily export your entire site including your theme from blogstatic.

Hosting included

No need to pay extra. We run on fast and dedicated servers that run 100% on green electricity.

Blazing fast pages

Static pages mean less round-trips to the server and more chance for ranking higher on search engines.

Various themes

As your blog audience grows and your needs change, you can choose to change your theme at anytime.

Customizable CSS

Change colors and the layout to your current theme by implementing changes to your existing styles.

Matching editor area

The editing area looks similar to your theme so you know how your article will look once published.

Your analytics

Include any third-party scripts that you need to appear at the end of every page of your blog.

Include your newsletter

Add your sign-up forms to any page on blogstatic and start collecting subscriptions to your Email list.


Your updated sitemap is automatically generated every time you publish a new post via blogstatic.

RSS Feed

Your blog comes with a ready-to-use RSS feed which others can use with their RSS feed readers.


Include your ads or affiliate links anywhere on any page and maintain a healthy blog.

Charge (soon)

Collect subscriptions using Stripe and keep 100% of your revenue, with blogstatic taking NO commission.

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