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Out with the old in with the new

blogstatic vs WordPress

blogstatic offers everything out of the box, eliminating the need to spend time on external plugins and widgets.

WordPress is a content management system that offers a platform for creating and managing websites, not specifically blogs. WordPress caters to a diverse range of needs, from simple websites to complex e-commerce sites.

How does blogstatic compare to WordPress?

Back in the heyday of website design, WordPress came through as the go–to solution for any type of website. Over the years, they have grown tremendously serving a vast market, making it a bit more complicated for someone who just wants to blog.

blogstatic, on the other hand, is focused solely on users who need to create a blog.

The sole focus on bloggers and writers (and its ease of use) make blogstatic superior in terms of giving the writer all the tools necessary to publish any type of content, including robust gallery management and footnotes inclusion, among other things, which make it a go-to platform for focused and sophisticated publishing.

Also, blogstatic runs entirely online. There's nothing to install. You can have a published post in minutes.

WordPress migrations

With many bloggers and writers moving from WordPress to blogstatic, we can say that we're staying true to the reason why we made blogstatic.

blogstatic is more affordable

When it comes to Pricing blogstatic shines again in terms of the value it brings to the table, which is well beyond what WordPress offers.

The entry level pricing in WordPress may look cheap, but is super limited to the point that it's useless.

What does WordPress offer?

One thing WordPress does better than blogstatic is its extensive plugin collection, which after a while can get cumbersome to manage. In blogstatic everything is offered out of the box so you don't have to fiddle with and lose track of various plugins and widgets.

Why choose blogstatic over WordPress?

Choose blogstatic if you want a straightforward approach to blogging and managing your blog, without the unnecessary plugins and widgets to manage — and if you want a simple yearly pricing that doesn't burn your budget.

Also, blogstatic's editor is the best–in–class making the writing experience a joy.

In addition, on the Expert Plan ($49/year) in blogstatic, you receive privacy–focused Plausible Analytics completely FREE of charge — a $9/month value ($190/year), if you were to buy it separately on your own.

The bottom line

WordPress is a huge platform serving websites of various sizes and their dashboard management has gotten more complicated over the years.

blogstatic on the other hand is made for the writer. Our pricing is designed to serve the individual who wants to focus on their writing and publishing, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.