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Affiliate Program

Partner with us in promoting blogstatic to your audience and earn a 25% commission on every payment you bring our way.

What do current customers say?

✌️ Like Carrd, but for blogs!

“In the past, I've started blogs on Tumblr, Medium, and WordPress, but I really wanted a solution that was simple to use. I'm really liking blogstatic. It's like Carrd, but for blogs. I've already switched two blogs over there, and I'll be switching more in the future.”

Justin Jackson image Justin Jackson

👍 Simpler than WordPress or Ghost!

“Absolutely amazing product and founder. Much simpler than WordPress and Ghost. Been using if both personally and work and doesn't feel like going back to other blogging platform. Love the ease of use and simplicity.”

Ankit Ghosh Ankit Ghosh

✊ Better than Medium and WordPress!

“I've been a satisfied customer for over a year. I used to blog on Medium, but all the SEO juice goes to Medium. I used WordPress for blogging, and the blogstatic experience is 100x better, not to mention the excellent customer support.”

Ronen Sabag Ronen Sabag

25% commission examples

Every time a customer purchases something in blogstatic, and they've come to blogstatic via your affiliate link, you get 25% of that sale.

What is blogstatic

blogstatic makes it easy to start and maintain a blog. There is nothing to install and hosting is included, which makes it a go-to solution for anyone looking to create a new blog or migrate from an existing service.

You'll love the blogstatic affiliate program

How does the affiliate program work?

After you sign-up, you'll get your very own dashboard where you can see in real time all paid conversions to the visits you have sent our way. Our affiliate program is connected with Stripe (our payment processor), which will transparently feed data immediately into your dashboard.

Promotion ideas

You can promote blogstatic in any way you can think of. Here are few ideas which convert best for other affiliates.

Terms and Details

A few ground rules to ensure eternal happiness for all

Hard rules

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