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Cleaner than thou

blogstatic vs ghost

blogstatic is a more straightforward alternative to ghost with more focus on writing and less on unnecessary secondary elements

ghost is similar to WordPress. It allows users to write and publish blog posts. It has a text editor that supports Markdown. It can be installed on a personal server or used on ghost's hosting service. The platform includes features for monetization.

How does blogstatic compare to ghost?

ghost initially started as a clean blogging platform and a WordPress alternative. Over the years, they have added many features to serve a bigger market, making it a bit more complicated for someone who wants to just write and publish their insights and thoughts.

blogstatic, on the other hand, is focused solely on the content writer and NOT on YouTubers, TikTokers, musicians, etc.

The sole focus on bloggers and writers (and its ease of use) make blogstatic superior in terms of giving the writer all the tools necessary to publish any type of content, including robust gallery management and footnotes inclusion, among other things, which make it a go-to platform for focused and sophisticated publishing.

Also, blogstatic runs entirely online. There's nothing to install. You can have a published post in minutes.

ghost migrations

With many bloggers and writers moving from ghost to blogstatic, we can say that we're staying true to the reason why we made blogstatic.

Customer Support chats in blogstatic regarding ghost migrations to blogstatic

blogstatic is more affordable

When it comes to Pricing blogstatic shines again in terms of the value it brings to the table, which is well beyond what ghost offers even at its highest pricing.

A perfect example is serving the blogstatic blog on the /subfolder of your root domain (Example: — This feature is offered on the $49/year plan in blogstatic. In ghost, it's offered on their Business Plan ($249/month) + $100/month for the /subfolder add–on — a $3,588/year charge in total with ghost.

What does ghost offer?

One thing ghost currently does better than blogstatic is their extensive theme collection. In blogstatic we offer a few themes that fit a few key use–cases and that can be further customized on the Expert Plan.

Why choose blogstatic over ghost?

Choose blogstatic if you want a straightforward approach to blogging and managing your blog, without the unnecessary bells and whistles — and if you want a simple yearly pricing that doesn't burn your budget.

Also, Pages in blogstatic are separate from Posts, giving you more control on how you want to structure your blog.

In addition, on the Expert Plan ($49/year) in blogstatic, you receive privacy–focused Plausible Analytics completely FREE of charge — a $9/month value ($190/year), if you were to buy it separately on your own.

The bottom line

ghost is a gigantic platform serving various industries. Some describe their offering as bloated. Their pricing is designed to serve high-end publications and companies.

blogstatic on the other hand is made for the writer. Our pricing is designed to serve the individual who wants to focus on their writing and publishing, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.