blogstatic, at its core, makes it easy to create a new blog.

It also makes it double easy to switch themes. 

A simple selection, changes the theme of your blog instantly.

Enter "Clean Slate"

"Clean Slate" is our newly released theme that is specifically made for type lovers — writers who want to paint with their words and not use photos as a crutch.

Typefaces from two different eras

Article titles use "Playfair Display" which has its roots in the 18th century Europe. Its high contrast strokes give it an elegance that helps it sit well with "Karla", our grotesque sans-serif body typeface of choice.

sample text from the clean slate theme
"Clean Slate" Sample.

Built for clarity

The body content is narrower than our "Day One" theme. The main menu is completely removed from the top and moved all the way down to the footer, together with other optional links.

Modify as needed

With a few minor CSS skills you can further customize this theme to fit your needs perfectly. Simply head to the Settings area where you can plug in your code.

Happy writing!