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I'm super proud to announce that this much requested feature is finally here.

It was one of those tasks that seemed easy enough to tackle but was always put off in favor of solving the more demanding problems at hand.

Sorry "dark mode" ?

Nonethelss, here we are. Fully loaded and capable to show the dark version of your blog.

Light mode: Default mode

The default theme for every blog is the "light mode", which shows the light version of the blog even when the reader has their machine's operating system set to "dark mode".

The same is valid for the "dark mode" — when set, it only shows "dark mode" and overrides and system preferences.

Automatic mode

If you want your blog to change depending on your reader's system preferences, then simply set the "Mode" to "System (Automatic)". What this will do is show your blog in the "light" or "dark" mode, respectively, depending on your reader's operating system preference.

A quick note for advanced users

If you have implemented any custom CSS and you don't want them to show on "dark mode" — or simply want these styles implemented differently — note that the  element will have the class "dark-mode" (when in "dark mode") which you can use to target any of your existing custom styles and override them with "dark mode" versions of your choice.


The "dark mode" feature is available on the Expert Plan and above.

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For any questions, comments, or suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out.

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