Last week we introduced a variety of improvements on the Newsletter side of things in blogstatic. You can read all about it here: Newsletter Feature Improvements

And now there's more: Newsletter Stats!

Meaning: Opens, clicks, bounces, spam reports...

Now you can see what links are being clicked the most in your newsletter so you know what type of content to serve next time around when sending your newsletter to your readers.

Also, other metrics like bounces and spam reports, can give you a good glimpse about the quality of your readers and how well they resonate with your content.

stats section in blogstatic featuring opens, clicks, bounces, etc.
Newsletter statistics in blogstatic

And we've included only the most crucial stats. None of the jibber-jabber that other apps put in just to make their app look like it's doing a lot more than it actually does. We respect your time and space and know that you have other things to do in your day.

Ok moving along : )

What about open rates?

"Open rates" are a bit tricky. Not because of us. It's an industry wide issue. You see, apps like Gmail, "open" emails way before your readers get to it, which does get registered in stats as an "open" email.

One way we're mitigating this is by NOT including "opens" that happen immediately after you send your Email. These are usually the apps (Gmail, etc.) doing the initial opening. 

With all that said, even though open rates are not 100% accurate like "click rates" are — because of our mitigation efforts — they still should be used when benchmarking your sent newsletters.

What's next?

We're constantly improving our existing features with more options that are making blogstatic stand out and become a go-to tool for content marketers, newsletter owners, and bloggers in general.

Say with your suggestions.

We're here to make blogstatic the #1 tool in the world of newsletters, blogging, and content marketing.

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