Update: April 13, 2024 — We have gone back to our old pricing — read the article.

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IMPORTANT: New prices will apply to new blogs only registered after March 31st 2024 at 23:59:59. Meaning: any blog that is created on April 1st and beyond will have the new pricing applied.

Existing blogs will keep their pricing intact for as long as they remain active.

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On with the story...

April 2024 marks blogstatic's 3rd birthday.

Down the memory lane

blogstatic was a personal challenge to see if I can launch a working product within 20 to 30 hours.

The time I spent coding went slightly over 30–hours and blogstatic was quietly soft–launched, without much fanfare, on April 19th, 2021.

a tweet with the following copy 'Managed to launch a working alpha for http://blogstatic.io in about ~35hrs in a 4 week span // works better than what I was shooting for initially. What helped is having code and lessons that I could remix and resample from previous projects.'
The tweet announcing the launch

Initially, blogstatic had one theme, a markup editor without an image upload function and almost zero settings to customize any aspects of it.

The first payment did not come through until September 18 of that same year. A day after implementing the functionality to accept payments, 5 months after the intial soft-launch.

After that initial a payment, a few more payments came through up until the end of 2021, but nothing that would help me see blogstatic as a real business just yet.

Year 2022

Right around March of 2022, blogstatic started improving a bit and with that two new monthly plans were introduced. The $5 and $9 (per month) plans.

A few more customers started to pay and ask for features, but somehow I wasn't giving blogstatic the attention it deserved. 

The October Re–brand

Around this time, the list of feature requests from the existing clients was becoming bigger and I felt a tinge of dissapointment that I'm not helping blogstatic become all it can be. So I decided to focus on it and see what comes of it.

This post has more details about this decision.

With that, I re–branded and re–launched blogstatic. Or I should say, I properly "launched" because blogstatic never got the dignified launch it deserved.

Also, the new $19/year plan was introduced to help it become even more accessible.

Quickly after that, more people started to find out about blogstatic.

Each month was growing more in revenue.

It was time to help more people find out about it.

Product Hunt in late December

The Product Hunt launch, was a major success. It broke the record as the month with the most revenue to date.

Year 2023

The entire 2023 saw blogstatic in a new light.

Things were becoming more serious with more customers paying for blogstastic.

New requests were coming in and new features and improvements were constantly being introduced.

To name a few:

  • The ability to add Footnotes under each post
  • Multiple Galleries (and editors) giving the writer more flexibility and options
  • CTAs so they can be plugged in anywhere in the copy
  • Automatically generated Table of Contents
  • Introduced New Themes
  • And the biggest one: Adding the privacy focued Plausible Analytics as a build in feature at no extra charge — a $9/month value if purchased separately via Plausible Analytics.

All in all, we listened and delivered throughout the year.

a comment from a happy blogstatic customer — I've enjoyed using the platform so far, thank you for making such an easy blogging platform.

And our customers responded with kind generous messages.

Now, in 2024 — The price change

blogstatic has grown in value multiple times over since its launch.

Now, almost in its 3rd year, blogstatic is a real business with customers, revenue, and expenses. The value that blogstatic provides is helping customers run serious operations.

To maintain and support this new, higher level of expectations, I have to make sure that blogstatic is here to stay and has the necessary funds to support its growth and sustainability.

The affordability is still there. The great service that we've all come to love will only keep getting better.

New features and options are constantly being deployed, and new ones are being planned well ahead of time.

We hope you join us in this new stage of blogstatic as we grow together.

Below is the comparison between old and new pricing.

Current Pricing (before the change on April 1st)


New Pricing (Starting April 1st)


A heartfelt message

I have fought tooth and nail to keep the current pricing intact, but growth has proven super difficult at these price points.

If blogstatic had venture capital backing, we could go the distance with the lowest of prices and operate at a loss.

But, also, if blogstatic had venture capital backing, it wouldn't be the kind and amazing service that it currently is. I would be forced to cut corners and bloat it out to something that it is not.

I'm known for leaving money on the table, but for a product like this to exist, it has to make sense financially.

So many current paying customers have suggested time and again that I increase prices.

They have suggested that because they want blogstatic to become a self–sustainable business that will exist for years to come.

In a nutshell

  • blogstatic started as a personal challenge in April 2021
  • Customers started paying on September 2021, a day after the payment option was implemented
  • From 2021 up to around Summer of 2022 blogstatic drifted along with few paying customers
  • On October 2022, blogstatic was re-branded and re-launched. The new $19/year plan was introduced.
  • The December 2022 Product Hunt launch was a great success. The revenue record was broken.
  • The entire 2023 saw blogstatic growing with customers and features and becoming a real business.
  • Now in 2024 we're entering a new stage with new self-sustainable plans ahead.


I currently have a blog with blogstatic, will its price change?
— No. Nothing will change for existing blogs. You will keep paying the same exact price as when you first upgraded.

I want to upgrade my current blog, will new pricing apply?
— Yes. Regardless when the blog was first purchased, if you upgrade after April 1st, new prices will apply.

Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of blogstatic. Your continued support means the world to me, and I'm eager to find out what's next for blogstatic.

If you have any questions about the new pricing, feel free to chat with us about this change.

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