On October 11, we introduced our new pricing of just $19/year per blog.

Early days

Our initial pricing when we first launched blogstatic was $39/year.

Even though it resonated well with new customers, the number of new payments wasn't enough to help us create a self-sustaining business.

In the spring of this year, we removed the yearly plan of $39/year and introduced a few monthly ones, starting with $5, $9, and $19 — each with various limits and benefits.

The $5/month plan did attract new customers, but it wasn't the right price to generate continuous new payments.

The $9 and $19 per month prices were barely paid for.

The way forward

Something had to be done as we weren't generating enough revenue to consider blogstatic a revenue-generating self-sustaining business.

First, we rebranded blogstatic and then introduced a $19/year pricing plan that would help curb any objection a new potential customer would have and make publishing their own unique content a breeze.

Since introducing our new pricing of $19/year, we have started generating revenue that is helping us turn blogstatic into a revenue-generating self-sustaining business.

This, in turn, will help us continue making improvements and constantly introduce new features to blogstatic.