Timezone issue

A few customers were experiencing an odd occurrence with the post date in which the date would go back 2 hours on each refresh.

It wasn't happening to everyone, only to a handful of customers in a few specific timezones.

Fixing it was somewhat easy through a quick coding session. Finding it and replicating it on our end was a whole other story. 

Thank you to our customer Will for helping with this issue.

Stronger security

blogstatic leverages Google Recaptcha v3 to protect against spam.

While we've had this implemented since the beginning, we extended its presence in a few other areas, which further helps protect against bot accounts spamming our customers' websites.

New Feature: Post Privacy

Now you can publish a post that is only accessible by those who have the actual link. In other words, the post will be public but hidden from showing on your website and RSS feed.

This is perfect for times when you have something to share with your inner circle, co-workers, or family and don't want the rest of the world to have access to it.

New Feature: Pinned articles

This feature helps you pin your most important posts at the very top of your blog regardless of their date. It could be something that you want to announce to your first-time visitors, share an important post for a while with your readers, or even use it as an about post of sorts for anyone who visits your website running on blogstatic.

A sample blog post with the pinned icon at the very top
A sample pinned article with the "Pinned" label at the top

Settings area improvements

More improvements were made to the Settings areas where now you can navigate each section easily without having to scroll endlessly.

That's it for now. 

We wish you a productive end-of-year!