Themes in blogstatic vary from one another in a way that their utilities, such as Menu, Social media icons, Header and Footer elements, are placed in various spots.

One thing they were all missing and something that's been asked for by almost every customer is the "Customizable Top Menu."

Now, this is possible in every theme and fully deployed for all to use.

the header links sections in the settings area in blogstatic where users can add their custom links for the top menu
Top Menu settings

To set up your own Top Menu links:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced
  • Scroll a bit down
  • Stop at the "Top menu" section to customize it

Things you can customize:

  • Link title
  • Link URL
  • Option to open the link in a New Tab or on the same page

That's all there is to it.

You can go ahead and customize your own top menu.

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