Update: April 2024 — Themes are now included in all Plans.

Our latest theme, "Gridlock," is the first theme in our gallery that showcases blog posts in a grid format.

Even though the theme demo is an example of a blog promoting beauty products, it can be used for any type of blog.

We are currently using the Gridlock theme in our Blogging Success blog.

By adding a few CSS customizations under the "Settings > Advanced" area in the blogstatic Dashboard, we have made the theme our own.

gray header
{background: #e1e7e7;}

rounded logo
.header img,
a.footer-logo img
{border-radius: 100%;}

icons matching our brand color
.social svg
{color: #fe257c;}

Matching editor area

The best part about blogstatic is that the editor area completely matches your chosen theme. So as you're writing, you're completely aware of how your post will look like once published. 

In other words, there's no need for constant "Save and Preview" just to see if there are any typographical orphans to avoid in your writing.

a screenshot of the editor area in blogstatic
Editing a post in blogstatic completely matches the chosen theme
a screenshot of the blog post in blogstatic
The published post, resembling the edit mode in blogstatic

And now the big news!


We have just launched the blogstatic Theme Store, which is accessible right from the blogstatic Dashboard (Settings > Layout).

From there, themes can be previewed before purchasing them.

Theme pricing

Our initial 3 themes will remain Free.

Depending on their features, all other themes will start at $9.

New themes

With the launch of our Theme Store, we will continue introducing new themes that fit any type of blog or occasion.

Head over to our themes page to view all current themes.

And if you're logged in to the Dashboard, visit the Theme Store there and choose a theme that fits your blog best.

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