It's finally here: The Showcase of blogs running on blogstatic!

From time to time, new customers would ask us about a list of blogs created with blogstatic, and I would personally copy/paste a list of some of the best blogs and forward it to them.

Now, I don't have to do that any longer because everyone can view the Showcase on their own at

I am amazed by what each writer has done with their blog in blogstatic.

thumbnails from the Showcase page in blogstatic
blogstatic Showcase

The Showcase features blogs about technology, business, AI, photography, tarot, prose, podcasting, travel, adventure, teaching, wellness, 3D, mining, faith, reviews, programming, and more. 

Below are just a few blogs from the list:

For the complete list of these fabulous blogs, visit the Showcase.

We will keep adding more blogs to the list as time goes by.

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