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On there we've been sharing behind–the–scenes updates and keeping more of a relaxed communication with our customers.

We'll be discussing features, improvements, requests, and any other curious questions that may come up.

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Screenshot of a blogstatic post on r/blogstatic about upcoming features, including galleries on posts, which allows for images to be arranged in a blog. The post indicates that a gallery view (lightbox) will be included. The feature is suggested to be ideal for adding multiple photos to posts or for use in photography blogs.
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Website updates

Also, we've added 3 new pages to our website:

Carrd + blogstatic: A match made in heaven

Many Carrd customers use blogstatic to run their blog on their one–pager Carrd website. Because of this we've added a new page talking more in–depth about this synergy


blogstatic Alternatives: Helping you decide

There are many blogging platforms in the market. Each one of them is a fit for a different scenario. blogstatic's dedication to bloggers and writers makes it stand out from the rest.


SEO: benefits of blogstatic

From the moment you create your blog in blogstatic a standards–based Sitemap is generated automatically. Each post you write has everything search engines love, including the Markup schema that some platforms ignore.


Dedicated to our customers

We love helping out. Seriously. We get a kick out of your blog looking great.

And our customers are grateful for that.

A screenshot of a message bubble with a user avatar on the left, containing the text: 'That's what I call premium support! Thanks Val!'

Our support chat is one click away. And it's no AI. 

Write us here 👉 blogstatic chat

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