Writing cleanses our soul. It puts our deepest thoughts out in the open. It structures our feelings about the world around us. It attempts to make sense of our existence. Why are we here? For self? For others? For something bigger than us?

Writing is not about making a point. It’s not even about arguing about a specific point of view. That's just way too planned. Uninteresting.

Writing is discovering our thoughts about a topic, as we write. Midway through the writing. Just like I am attempting now.

Writing helps us convey an idea in hopes that it will generate a response from someone and in return teach us something new.

How close-minded it would be to write with the goal of finding others who agree with us.

That would be the same as traveling to a far away place we’ve never been to and “knowing” exactly what we’ll find.

There’s no curiosity in that.

That’s a rigid way of looking at the world. It will teach us nothing.

Learning is not about understanding more about a topic we already know something about. Learning is about discovering something completely new along the way.

Writing is the same. Surprising ourselves.

The written word is permanent. It transcends generations. It gives clues to those who come after us.

Our purpose as writers is to document the current existential state and explore possibilities of what might be.

Words are thoughts, materialized, echoing into the eternity.

What would you like to explore, through writing?

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