Note: On October 11, 2022, we introduced our new pricing of $19/year. Information in this article does not represent the current pricing.

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A letter from blogstatic founder, Val Sopi.

When I first started blogstatic the idea was to make it accessible for all writers across the globe.  Hence, the free version of blogstatic. 

The intent was genuine, but I didn't realize how much energy it would take to monitor all those malicious accounts whose intent was to misuse and at times abuse the platform.

So instead of spending time to make blogstatic better by improving current features and adding new ones, I was spending energy taking down abusive posts, communicating with these users not to post such content in the future, and at times taking the drastic step of deleting their entire blog if they weren't complying.

The tough decision

It does honestly bum me out that blogstatic wont be able to serve some bloggers who were running personal journals and would probably never upgrade. In other words, these writers are not looking to grow an audience or monetize their work in any way. They are simply using blogstatic as a journal of sorts. And I love these type of blogs.

However, the ultimate goal is to make blogstatic self-sustainable and use our time available and funds generated from client subscriptions to constantly improve it with new features, new themes, and especially advance its newsletter sending capabilities.

New Pricing

With the removal of the Forever Free accounts, we're introducing our new pricing plans which start at $9/month for blogging only, then $19/month and onward for blogs that need newsletter sending capabilities.

The idea was to find a price point that is accessible for the writer who is serious about succeeding with their writing efforts. Also, a price point that helps us successfully maintain blogstatic and take it to new heights, as well as support these clients with an outstanding customer service.

Constant Improvements

When we first launched blogstatic, it was a simple tool that didn't allow much besides posting a simple blog. No categories, authors, stats, or any other features of that sort.

The product has improved and changed for the better since those early days and it now offers more value to the client.

What is Next

At the core of our focus is helping writers succeed, by building a tool that helps them do that with ease. Sending Newsletters, viewing stats, monetizing their content via their own subscriptions (without us taking a cut from them) is something we want to constantly improve upon.

The Bottom Line

blogstatic is a privately owned company, which is currently run by one person. Funds generated from client subscriptions go directly into making the product better and supporting the founder do just that.

There are no investors, boards, or un-essential employees that suck out crucial resources. Resources that help make the product better.

By becoming a blogstatic client you're buying into a product that has your best interests at heart and doesn't report to any investor requests that at times may be detrimental to the product and the client.

Also, blogstatic is hosted on servers than run 100% on renewable energy and we donate 1% of our revenue to climate fighting efforts.

For any questions regarding the new pricing and the removal of free accounts, write at

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