Our most recent update back in November was full of new deployments that further improved blogstatic.

December was fruitful as well. Especially, with one feature that puts blogstatic on a new playing field: Newsletters!

We avoided implementing this feature for quite sometime, asking clients to use any of the existing email marketing tools.

However, time and again, they would come back asking for something simpler than what's out there. A better way to gain subscribers, without integrating 3rd party tools, and Email them their latest posts in the form of a Newsletter.

So we listened, and built it!

Simple as that.

It works just like any other email marketing tool, but simpler. And since it's built right in blogstastic, it easier and more affordable to manage.

Specifically speaking:

  • Users subscribe to your blog by entering their Email
  • They receive an Email to confirm their subscription: This is to make sure they're the ones who have entered the Email in the first place.
  • Clicking on a special link, confirms their subscription.
newsletter subscription
Subscribe pop-up in your blog.

Later, you can email each on of your posts to your subscribers and include a custom message, as well.

val sopi newsletter
A sample Email Newsletter sent out from a blogstatic blog.


We have already deployed the Newsletter feature and your readers can already subscribe to your blog.

In addition to this, we have also released the following features:

  1. The Like button: Your readers can now Like your posts giving each one of your articles more social proof.
  2. Register & Login to your Blog: So your users can interact with your posts (Like, Comment, Subscribe)
  3. Categories: Section your posts into separate Categories and give search engines additional pages to index.
  4. Authors: Add an author to your Posts.
  5. Related Posts: When publishing a post, you can now select similar posts that will appear as suggestions, for the reader, of what to read next on your blog.
  6. Recent Posts: Showcased at the end of each one of your posts, readers can learn about your latest posts.
  7. Fixes and improvements: Optimizations and markup fixes that make your readers' experience better when reading and interacting with your blog.

That's it in a nutshell for this month of December.

There's plenty of other goods planned.

We trust your 2021 was good and hope that your 2022 will be even better on all-levels.

Happy holidays!

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