Bloggers blog for various reasons. To vent or to sell. They're all legitimate.

Knowing your reason is the first step toward your trajectory to success.

Regardless of what your reason is, the important bits are:

  1. Staying on topic
  2. Being consistent
  3. Educating (informing)

1. Staying on topic

Take this very blog for example. Our topic is "blogging success" which revolves around offering information about how to succeed with blogging.

Now if you came back to this blog a week later and noticed articles about space travel, it would be confusing to you. Chances are we would lose you as a reader.

2. Being consistent

By consistency, we mean having a schedule and sticking to it.

Regardless of how often you can write, it's best to stick to a frequency that you're comfortable with. 

It's recommended to aim for weekly posts. However, if you can post on daily basis, that's even better. More chances for people to find your content.

Never go more than a week without a fresh new post.

3. Educating (informing)

People read your content to learn something new. To find out about an "industry secret", a "shortcut", so they, too, can be successful like you.

In the midst of it all, if you can also entertain, you have it made.


Blogging is not something to be afraid of. It's your gift to the world.

What you have to say is unique, because your experience is so different from everyone else. The more you can tap into that depth, the more chances for success you gift yourself.

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