Running a business in the 2020s means being more mindful about climate change and how our actions are impacting the planet.

Trends are leading toward a tipping point which we can still avoid.

Because of that, we're taking a proactive approach in an attempt to lead by example. In hopes that it will inspire other companies to be more mindful about how their actions are impacting the environment.

These are three specific actions we're taking —

Helping reduce carbon emissions

"Stripe Climate" is an initiative by our payment processing partner (Stripe, Inc.) through which we will donate 1% of all our revenue to help fight climate change.

Using efficient hardware

Our servers run on energy efficient hardware which are powered with 100% clean energy emitting ZERO CO2 in the atmosphere.

Mindful software-writing strategies

Serving "static files" is at the core of our business. This means that in order to serve a single web-page, less server "round-trips" are required.

Less server requests equals to less energy needed to run our company. Less energy, even though clean, means less heat emitted from our servers. At scale, this can have a huge impact on our environment.


Our clients can rest assured that everything behind the scenes is cared for to our best knowledge and ability to not only serve the best software we possibly can, but be mindful about how we go about doing that.

Our dedication

2021 is still "early days" for blogstatic. However, setting our path on the right trajectory from the get-go is easier and costs less rather than course correcting later on.

We believe that running a successful business goes beyond spreadsheet achievements. We will continue employing best practices that have minimal impact on the environment and partner with vendors with similar sensibilities.


More details about "Stripe Climate" can be found here.

More details about "Hetzner", our hosting partner, can be found here.

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