Various themes, multiple blogs, and more.

Reader Interactions


Your readers can subscribe to your blog so you can notify them about your new posts.


Send out newsletters to your subscribers with your latest posts and custom messages.

Private posts

Give subscribed readers special access to any articles of your choice from your blog.

The Like button

Your readers can show their appreciation for your posts by simply liking them.

Commenting (soon)

Generate more interest by giving your readers the ability to comment on your posts.

Design & Layout

Various themes

Select a theme from our ever growing collection and switch to a new layout quickly.


Change key elements throughout your blog so it matches the language you're writing in.


Set your own pagination rules and have them repeat on homepage and categories.

Social icons

Include any social network icons and external links where people can find more about you.

Matching editor area

The editing area matches your theme so you know how your article will look once published.

Full Benefits

Fully supported

We're here to help you succeed. Reach out by saying hi@blogstatic.io.

Your content

Your blog is yours. blogstatic is just a tool that helps you run a hosted blog.

Multiple blogs

Create as multiple blogs within a single account. Set individual settings for each.

Free subdomains

Use a free domain under (sub).blogstatic.io and start blogging in minutes.

Your custom domain

You can connect your own domain. A free SSL certificate is included right out of the box.

SEO ready

We've taken care of on-site SEO so you can focus on your writing and ranking higher.

Nothing to install

There's nothing to install. Once you register, you can publish your first post in minutes.

No coding required

Everything is ready out of the box. You don't have to code anything on your own.

Free SSL certificate

Your blog comes with its very own SSL certificate that is ready within a minute.

Import to blogstatic

We can help you import your current blog to blogstatic so you can continue blogging in style.

Leave anytime

Say goodbye anytime and easily export your entire blog via free JSON files provided for you.

Hosting included

No need to pay extra. We run on fast and dedicated servers that run 100% on green energy.

Related posts

Include similar posts at the end of each article and suggest to your readers what to read next.


Section your posts in various categories and give your readers a way to further filter your posts.

Future posts

Write your post today and set it to publish and appear on your blog sometimes in the future.

Your analytics

Include any third-party scripts that you need to appear at the end of every page of your blog.


Your sitemap is automatically updated every time you publish a new post via blogstatic.

RSS Feed

Your blog comes with a ready-to-use RSS feed which others can use with their RSS readers.


Include your ads or affiliate links anywhere on any page and grow a sustainable operation.

Charge (soon)

Collect subscriptions using Stripe and keep 100% of your revenue with ZERO commissions.

Advanced Features

Customizable CSS

Change colors and your current theme by implementing changes to your existing styles.

Your Fonts

Link up your own font libraries without having to use your current theme's chosen fonts.


Edit and change your robots.txt file and "Allow" or "Disallow" crawl bots any sections.

Header code injections

Inject any code in the header that repeats on every page and further enhances your blog.

Footer code injections

Similar to header code injections, you can include any piece of code to appear throughout.

Article code injections

For times when you need to inject a specific piece of code on article pages only.

Non-auth JSON API

Your blog generates JSON files which your can easily call from any external build.

And there's more...

Continuous improvements

We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations so we can apply these latest trends and techniques to blogstatic and pass on the very latest in tech to our clients.

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