When we first started offering blogstatic, we thought to only give users the ability to connect their own custom domain or subdomain. 

The idea behind this was that each domain and subdomain will "own" its SEO juice. In other words, whatever platform the user might switch to down the line, the SEO will remain with that single domain or subdomain.

However, with passing time, more and more blogstatic users were asking about using a (xyz).blogstatic.io, something many platforms offer out of the box.

So with that, we've decided to open up the gates and offer our users a free subdomain within the ".blogstatic.io" domain for any blog they create and run in blogstatic.

How it works

Once users signup, they get a chance to select a blogstatic.io subdomain, which they can change again in Settings.

subdomain selection in blogstatic
Selecting a subdomain on Registration

Once registered, the free subdomain is ready within minutes.

Since blogstatic allows multiple blogs under a single account, users can have as many free subdomains as they want.

Naturally, if the user has a specific custom domain or subdomain they want to use, they can choose to do so from the Settings page.

Each blogstatic subdomain comes with a free SSL certificate.

Read about all benefits and features on our pricing page.