The multi-author functionality has been available in blogstatic since day one. However, for customers to use it, they had to write us with the request, and we had to follow a brutal procedure:

  • Their author had to register in blogstatic.
  • Our customer had to let us know that they had done so and let us know their email.
  • We had to go into blogstatic DB, manually create new rows under a table named "access," and match their new user with their website.
  • Caveat: there was only one role (editor), and there was no way for the blog owner to change that.
  • Also, the biggest downside of this gruesome process was that the author's personal data was carried over from their user profile. Meaning that if they were authors on several blogs, there was no way for them to change their avatar or name if they wanted to blog under a pseudonym on another blog.

The actual user interface

Lo and behold, it was time for us to change all that, streamline the entire process, and even add a few other functions within the Authors feature that would make everyone's life easier, our customers' and ours.

Deploying the actual user interface allows us to give our customers full control over their author's list.

The biggest benefit of all this is that now one author can have different avatars and even a name (first and last) from one blog to another, which helps to match the context of the blog.

Example: A user can run a personal blog which may call for a more laissez-faire avatar and even a nickname. In contrast, on their business blog, they can show an avatar matching the professional context of their blog. All managed from a single account.

The specific functions

These are the functions in the Author feature, which are explained in detail under Author Options in our User Guide.

  • Inviting an author
  • Author profile data
  • Author visibility
  • Revoking access to an author
  • Transferring posts between authors
  • Removing authors


The "Authors" feature is currently included with the $19/year plan.

Soon we will announce the pricing feature for the multi-author feature.

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